We aim to provide the highest quality dentistry using the most modern techniques and equipment. We use materials which are as bio-compatible as possible including metal-free ceramic implants.

Mercury Free Treatment

Our holistic approach to dentistry recognises the need to provide treatment so that we do not compromise the total wellbeing of our patients. Dental intervention can unbalance the function of the body unless all factors are taken in to account therefore the methods and materials used, have to be carefully assessed. Quite often we see patients who are suffering as a result of previous dental work, for example mercury fillings and the corrective treatment has to be suited to the individual. We avoid the use of drugs wherever possible and incorporate nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies where appropriate.

We often work in conjunction with other complimentary healthcare practitioners such as kinesiologists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

Bio-energetic link: The principles of acupuncture have established a link between individual teeth and disorders of other parts of the body.

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