Straightening your teeth can give your self-esteem a real boost and eliminate the embarrassment caused by having a crooked, gappy or overcrowded smile. More and more adults are now opting to smarten up their smiles thanks to the availability of discreet orthodontic options that make the process much less obvious and considerably quicker.

Straightening teeth can also offer a host of other dental benefits such as making teeth easier to clean, improving how teeth fit together and addressing any eating or speaking problems.

Damon System

The revolutionary Damon System avoids the need for plaque attracting elastics as it uses a unique sliding door system and super light wires that gently move teeth into place. It is also available with clear, unobtrusive brackets - a real plus for adults.

The lack of elastics means there is less friction and pressure meaning a more comfortable treatment process. Instead, its slide mechanism holds the wire in place so teeth can move more freely and at a quicker pace. Also as it realigns teeth so effectively there is rarely any need for the removal of healthy teeth.

It’s the combination of the following Damon System key components that delivers such high-quality results:

  • Self-ligating braces - eliminating the need for elastics or tightening appointments.
  • Lightweight memory wires - moving teeth faster and requiring fewer adjustments.
  • A clinically proven treatment – precisely aligning teeth and enhancing facial aesthetics.

Lingual Braces

These discreet braces are ideal for adults who may feel self-conscious about wearing more obvious braces as they are fixed neatly on the back of the teeth. They can be used for more complex cases or for simply straightening up slightly crooked front teeth.

Using thin wires and brackets, the process is very similar and just as effective as traditional fixed braces worn on the front of the teeth, but it has the advantage of being well-hidden.

Clear braces

Clear braces offer virtual invisibility so you can keep on smiling throughout treatment. We use the convenient Invisalign® system, featuring a series of clear aligners created with 3D technology for the perfect fit. These custom-made aligners are changed every two weeks so teeth are gradually moved to their desired position with no fiddly wires or brackets to get in the way.

As well as being ‘barely there’, they can also be taken out for short periods so there is no restriction on what you choose to eat and drink, and you can keep your teeth thoroughly cleaned.